One of my passions is exploring the human voice and breathing process and encouraging others to do the same. Some years back I was asked to start teaching singing classes, and while it was amazing working with singers of different levels, one of the things I loved most was seeing how the training was also impacting their daily lives. Before I knew it, I had started working with people who were not singers, but who were simply interested in maintaining a healthy voice and using it in a more efficient way. From that came RESPIRA, my program comprised of group and one-on-one classes designed to help people who breathe and speak. Wait, isn't that everyone!? Yes! And we would love to hear from you to start improving your breathing and vocal skills.


Further more, Apart from keeping your voice healthy and improving your speaking and singing, bringing awareness to your breathing has a huge impact in your over all health.

In the classes you learn how to:


1. To locate and connect the body parts involved in the voice production process

2. To understand the breathing process and how it affects the voice

3. To Identify unhealthy vocal practices and how to correct them

4. Apply the theory practicing breathing and vocal exercises

5. To explore and understand voice resonators and how to use them while speaking


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