Marcela with Opus One @ The Rumba Room

Marcela Pinilla – Mi Alma – Live – Apr 17, 2013

Performing at the GPAC 4/17/2013 – Introduction by Victor Wooten
Niko Lyras – Guitar / Randy Polk – Bass / Jason Clark – Keys / Steve Potts – Drums / Billy Ramirez – Percussion.

Marcela in the Press – May 2013

May finds Marcela blowing up the press!

Catch her featured in the May 5th, 2013 issue of La Prensa Latina, May 2nd El Norte (page 23), Memphis Music Foundation Issue 7, Memphis Pop, GoMemphis events calendar and the Memphis Flyer. — “Award-winning bassist Victor Wooten finds contentment in creativity, education”

“Victor Wooten has long been regarded as one of the world’s greatest musicians. As a member of Bela Fleck’s Flecktones, and a band leader in his own right, Wooten has spent the last 25 years racking up achievements and honors: he’s a multiple Grammy winner, perennial bass player of the year, and was named as one of Rolling Stone’s greatest bassists of all time.


His current band lineup features Krystal Peterson on vocals, and his opening act at GPAC will be local songstress Marcela Pinilla, with whom he recently collaborated on a track for her forthcoming album. Wooten plans on having Pinilla guest perform during his set as well.”

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WMCTV — “GPAC presents The Victor Wooten Band”

Hailed as one of the top ten bassists of all time by Rolling Stone Magazine, five-time Grammy winner Victor Wooten will take the Germantown Performing Art Center stage with his technical virtuosity on Wednesday, April 17 at 7:30 p.m.

Opening for Wooten will be Memphis-based singer/songwriter Marcela Pinilla. Specializing in modern Latin Jazz Fusion, she croons an eclectic style that combines the fire of South America, the cultural melting pot of Southeast Asia, and the heart of Soulsville USA.

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Commercial Appeal — Marcela honored by Mayor, wife at ‘Tea and Talk at the Top’

“Marcela Pinilla — the Youth and Delinquency Award. An internationally known singer, Pinilla moved to Memphis a few years ago to experience the city’s music community. She works at the Community Legal Clinic while also serving on the board of the Overton Park Conservancy.”

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Hyde Family Foundation — Concert Review: Latin beat mixes well with symphony sound

“Opus One’s latest journey took a tour of Latin influences with mesmerizing singer/writer Marcela Pinilla.

The Colombian chanteuse is the latest in a series of local musicians to collaborate with the Memphis Symphony Orchestra’s conductorless enterprise. Variety has been a hallmark of the pairings, as Opus One has performed with Al Kapone, Amy LaVere, Susan Marshall, Joyce Cobb and Harlan T. Bobo (and will mix it up with Lucero in May).”

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Marcela in Memphis’ Commercial Appeal — One language: Global couple keep home base in Memphis, focus on shared values

Matt Farr, 28, a Memphis native, took his Colombian wife, Marcela Pinilla, 29, on her first-ever canoe trip along the Eleven Point River in Missouri shortly after the couple moved to Memphis in 2009. The first day was great.

The second day: “It was a little colder than I expected for April — 35 degrees — and foggy. Within the first hour on the river, a gust of wind blew us into a strainer in the middle of the river,” explains Farr. The couple hit the downed tree head-on, turned sideways and capsized, the current pulling them both underwater.

By the time they got back to shore, they were exhausted and soaking wet. As Farr started a fire, Pinilla turned to him and said, “Thank you. I have never felt so alive.”

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Lyrics – Un Mundo Bueno


Marcela Pinilla

Verso 1

Miro a nuestros niños, y veo la necesidad
De empezar a crear,
Un mundo con mas bondad.

Verso 2

No es necesario, hacer un mundo nuevo
Solo tener la intención de cambiar
Se hacer de este un mejor lugar.

Verso 3
Yo quiero vivir, en un mundo bueno
Lleno de amor y verdad
De justicia e igualdad

Verso 4

Te invito a crear, un mundo bueno
Donde libres podamos jugar
Donde no haya odio, ni miedo


Hoy quiero ser, un gran inventor
Y voy a construir, vamos a construir

Coro 1

Un mundo donde no existen las guerras,
Donde todos vivimos sin fronteras
Donde existe el derecho de estudiar
y el hambre a un niño no hace llorar,
Donde vivimos en paz!


Coro 1

Coro 2

Un mundo donde unimos nuestras manos,
Donde todos vivimos como hermanos
Un mundo en el que ya nos dimos cuenta
El color de la piel no es diferencia
Y unidos logramos mas


Si me quejo y no hago nada, nada va a cambiar
Lo mismo pasa contigo, comencemos a crear

Coros 1 & 2

A good world, where everyone is kind
and anytime is good to sing, dance and smile

Lyrics – Ahi Estare

Ahi Estare
Marcela Pinilla

Verso 1
Si aturdido aburrido
Aburrido, te encuentras hoy
Gran vacio, crea lo temido
En tu Corazon.
La incertidumbre se hace presente
La duda empieza a carcomer
No pienses mas, respira y recuerda que.

Si me necesitas, ahi estare
Para secar tus lagrimas
Y hacerte reir otra vez
Con solo recordarte, todos los caminos
Que te han traido hasta aqui
Se fuerte estoy contigo.

Verso 2
Son tantas horas
las que has vivido en soledad
te rodea gente,
pero has cargado un frio indiferente
veo en tus ojos llenos de miedo
una gran confusion,
que no te déjà ver,
que esclaviza tu ser


Yo se que adelante veras al pasado
Y feliz estaras
Y todo ese llanto que hoy has derramado
Mas fuerte a ti te hara.

Verse 3
Donde estés ahí estaré,
Secare tus ojos, te haré reír otra vez
Llueva o truene, ahi estare
Hablaremos de lo vivido
Lo que has temido, lo que has reído
Lo que has sufrido, amigo